Wednesday, November 09, 2005


A Bender Now and Then

At RSA, we've had enough of smirking liberals discussing the president's penchant for tying one on now and then. Everyone knows a bender takes the edge off. The president, after all, has a lot of stress. Really, a lot. It's hard work being president. So I say the man deserves a drink or two. Or three. Or five. Or eight.

Listen, these damn northern teetotalers don't understand the value of a six-pack, seven-ounce, Texas Saturday night. They have absolutely no sense of fun. So the White House keeps having to invent these lame excuses (like the pretzel incident) to explain the results of Bush getting his freak on.

We say enough. There's nothing wrong with the hair of the dog that bit ya at breakfast. Or a three martini lunch. Or a six-pack or two with dinner. You need something to relax you when you have to make all these hard decisions--especially when some of your best buddies are lookin' to do a stretch upstate at any moment.

Cut the guy a break. He's drunk, and we're better off for it.

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